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About Us

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Business Pillars is a company that is ranked among the top professional firms providing four key business areas Governance, Risk, Compliance and Advisory services. Our core deliverable is to cut through complexity for the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders.

Our people are drawn from many different backgrounds and are united by a set of shared values in which they work in an environment where they can learn and also develop with the opportunity to become the best possible. This approach is able to give our organization an invaluable depth and breath, this helps provide clients with the broadest range of perspectives, ideas and capabilities experience.

The best corporate governance is at the heart of what our firm stands for. We always recognize that we should be accountable for our actions and we must maintain our independence and objectivity. We are committed to promoting and embracing constructive reforms this enabling clients follow proper business practices, while increasing value for stake holders.



Our Core Values

Our increasingly complex environment makes it essential that we deliver clear value to our stakeholders and continue to uphold our values.

Our values define who we are, what we stand for and help create a sense of shared identity. They are our fundamental core beliefs that drive our behavior. Our values are:-

  • Leadership by leading by example.
  • Working together.
  • Respecting every individual.
  • Seeking the facts and providing insight.
  • Communicating openly on point.
  • Being committed to our clients and society at large.
  • Integrity.

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