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Compliance is currently far more than an operational need to comply with one or two laws. Compliance practice is the heart of an organization's success or failure and cannot be divorced from an organization's risk management and governance functions.

Individual client attention is a core aspect of the professional services offered by Business Pillars. While businesses in Kenya may face a number of similar issues, the solutions are not exactly the same for all businesses. Our clients are of various sizes, including privately-owned, multinational corporations, state owned and government agencies as well as listed companies. Our industry expertise provides many benefits to our clients’ lines of business.


Business Pillars provides company secretarial services in relation to corporate operations requiring the services of a qualified company secretary. Our consultancy services on company secretarial in Kenya.

Risk Management

At business Pillars, we help you with the process of risk Identification, Assessment, Analysis, and Prioritization. We provide you with a proven process to help you.

Legal and Compliance

Business Pillars provides well researched, inventive, strategic and cost effective legal and compliance solutions to state corporations, international organizations, companies and individuals, to support business and organizational goals. We offer the following services among others:-


At Business Pillars we offer business advisory services that are geared towards assisting businesses to take advantage of opportunities while at the same time avoid costly mistakes. Business Pillars provides advice and information to people who want to establish, sustain and grow their business.

Outsourced Accounting Services and Audits

Bookkeeping can be a time-consuming and a very involving procedure. Business Pillars bookkeeping team, can take over this routine, yet crucial, accounting function, so that you can stay focused on your core business. You provide us with the necessary paperwork through your convenient means and the detailed work is carried out by our dedicated team and upon completion of the accounting task, the reports and your documents are returned to you. Outsourcing your bookkeeping function can result in financial efficiencies, as well as freeing up time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

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